About Us

AMIGO Dads was started in Singapore by Carlos Mari in 2015 as a playgroup for pre-school children run by stay-at-home fathers.

We organise activities and forums for fathers to meet up and share experiences and interests, whilst providing fun to their children in a safe and supporting network.

We produce and distribute quality online content to help "stay-at-home-fathers" and we celebrate the involvement of fathers and their contributions in the development of happy and emotionally balanced children.

Although AMIGO is run by dads, mums are welcome to participate in the group’s activities.

AMIGO means “friend” in Spanish

We are, after all, a group of friends with children that want to overcome the perceptions about the traditional gender roles in the family structure and reclaim the importance of fatherhood for the development of a happy child.

Our Mission Statement

To provide resources and support for stay-at-home fathers and fun, educational activities for their children. To achieve this goal we are a self-help group open to parents of any gender.

About Our Website

AMIGO Dads was first published in 2015 and since then we have grown, expanded, changed formats and backends.

As of March 2020, our backend is Nginx, PHP, Symphony and GRAV CMS -a really nice, modern and fast flat file content management system.

If you publish content and want to learn more about GRAV, feel free to contact our friends at Carlos Labs

Since this last update, our performance has increased by an order of magnitude and our administrator is very happy.